About Shinobi

The brand of concept clothes Shinobi was founded in 2010 in collaboration of designers Mike and Julia. Inspired by an aesthetics of streets using a vanguard fit, elements of deconstruction and a graphic silhouettes as a basis, designers started actively working on collections. In 2011 after start of online store, Shinobi quickly gains the international popularity, and continue to grow fast.

Shinobi looks are always monochromic as result of designers focus set on work with fabrics and silhouettes. In each Shinobi clothing line along with traditional materials there are always special models based on natural fabrics with novel structure, experimental type of weaving and additional post-processing.

Key aspect of designers work is creative approach and preservation of artisanal traditions. The Shinobi collections always come out in custom selection made manually in own studio. The individual approach at every production stage in combination with inexhaustible enthusiasm of designers and their attention to every detail, does every piece of Shinobi rather unique and special.

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